Happy New Year 2016

Paddy2Happy New Year and Greetings!!  ជំរាបសួរ (chomreabsuor), Kia ora!!  

In the previous years my health has been failing me.  Or I’ve been failing my health. It is a huge responsibility to keep on top of it so that I can get the best out of my everyday life.  Either way this is definitely a concern of mine.  I’ve been dealing with heart disease and diabetes which has slowed me down.

I have also been feeling disconnected from my work here in Cambodia for some time now. I don’t have the passion I once had for it.  And I don’t feel I have any sense of ownership or belonging with it any more. Although people have been understanding and patient with me in how I have been processing this I made the announcement to friends and family of my resignation several months earlier.  After announcing my resignation and the process leading up to when I actually finish work (mid January 2016) I feel like a huge amount of stress has been taken off my shoulder.  The only thing is, is that I don’t know what my future looks like in the unemployment line.  Nonetheless I feel like I’ve done the right thing in resigning.


Yet through all of this there is also something positive that has come out of everything.   Someone has come into my life although he’s been there in the background this whole time. I call him the Beloved Disciple or my Angel.   I’m the more experienced in our relationship so I’m trying my best to slow down and listen to his needs as much as he tries to understand mine.  Nonetheless he is very much part of who I am at this later part of my life in Cambodia and I do love him however that might look and be.

Beloved Disciple by Ann's Friend Gudim
The Beloved Disciple. The Disciple that Jesus Loved.

His story is just as complicated as mine.  I’m not sure where our future will lead us given that we are both very different from each other. But if it is love only time will tell us where things are going and I’m not going to sit here and over analyse everything. I’ll call him Oun throughout my blog. (Oun meaning someone younger who is in a relationships with you.)

Anyway this is my first blog post for this new year.  Please leave comments and don’t be afraid to say what you want. I’ve got thick skin I can pretty much take any compliment, criticism, complaint and insult one can put on me.   I hope at the end of the day we can share a mutual love and respect for each other. There is no need for any negativity out there. There is too much of that happening in the world already.  Peace!





  1. Laela says:

    Everyone always scare of the future but I can see you ready for it

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    1. Paddy Noble says:

      Thank you Laela. Please subscribe to my blog. Yes we are all scared of the future. We have to have faith and courage. Please share this blog with friends in Indonesia.


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