Happy Birthday 45 Years

paddy4Today I celebrate my 45th birthday another milestone in my life.  This day 45 years ago I was born in the National Women’s Hospital, Auckland, New Zealand.  Since then much has changed and now I find myself living here in Phnom Penh, Cambodia 45 years later.   There have been people who have influenced my life and many of these people have passed on.  I think of them often and keep them within my spirit.  It has been my ancestors who have kept the spiritual and traditional aspect of my life alive and in perspective, but now I found myself evolving and growing and part of a whole new reality to which I least expected when I was growing up.  Maybe it was God’s design from the start?  I don’t believe in coincidences but I do believe in divine intervention.   That reality has brought me here to Cambodia.  I now have a Khmer family, friends, father, brothers, sisters, colleagues, partners and most of all someone I have finally come to love and care about.

12498608_585642361600445_1205968409_nSo 45 years has passed, I have seen life, and I have seen death many times.  I have been hurt, stomped on, treated like an animal, spat on, kicked and punched, screamed at, hated, loved, near died, suffered serious health problems, suffered from depression, anxiety, panic attacks, broke and rich, and through all of this and more I am still alive and full of hope.  There is nothing in my life time that I haven’t seen or done that shocks me any-more.

This all would not be possible without the support and love of my own blood family back home in New Zealand, my mother, aunts, uncles, cousin’s brother and sister, father and all the people I call family back home.  They too have watched closely the 45 years of my life too.  Without my family back home I would not have my own family here in Cambodia.

Much has happened in my life time.  I have more years ahead of me.  There is one person I cannot say here who has a special role to play and to whom my whole world has changed.  All I know is that I love him and he loves me and at this moment that’s all we really need to know.  He is the heart of everything I do now.  What belongs to me belongs to him.  And I all I can say is that it took me 45 years to have him in my life and I’m willing to live another 45 years to show him how much I love him.  He knows who he is, he sings my tune often in his heart and so do I to his sweet tune, soft, sound and beautiful each day.

So here I am, happy birthday to me.  Thank you everyone for your love and guidance.  I am sure to have another 45 years ahead of me.