What Motivates You?

img_0462The other day I asked a question to a good friend on Facebook.  What motivates you?  It was a question I asked of myself too. Last year in September I made the decision to put in my resignation from my job effective at the end of December 2015.  It wasn’t an easy decision to make but it was something that my heart had been feeling for a very long time.  I started to lose all sense of my work and I didn’t have the heart to do what was assigned to me any-more.

Have you ever had that feeling that you didn’t believe in something any-more?  I felt that same way with my work which was one of the reasons that prompted me to resign.  Now? I’m unemployed and it’s not a good feeling.  But I don’t regret resigning at all.  It was a great weight taken off my shoulder.  The only problem is that following my dreams comes with no money and very little hope that people out there will hire me for anything.  The job market is very competitive in Phnom Penh now, but I have to keep motivated and optimistic that there is something out there that will see my value an worth.

Daved Pin taking a selfie with the children.

So last week I asked a friend what motivates him and his reply was prolific, honest, painful and inspiring to say the least.  He works with street children in the Toul Kork area of Phnom Penh here in Cambodia.  Although he’s not an established charity or organisation he provides services for the children in this area who might not otherwise have any normalcy to that of a real home.  He provides food, clothing, and help for their education bringing kinship and relationship for the children.  It is a way of giving the children some time and space to find love and happiness in a day that might be full of struggle, sadness, pain and loss.  The two, love and pain, so often go together in the lives of the children on the streets that their reality is to survive as best as they can.

So his answer to this question was obvious.  What motivates him is to see the smiles of the children gain something in the day that brings them some essence of happiness and love in what might otherwise be hardship.  The children’s smiles and gratitude gave him the energy and inspiration to carry on even when life’s difficulties overshadow the work that he does.

What Motivates You Concept

I wanted to look at what motivates us all?  What motivates me after resigning from a job?  What motivates my friend in what he does for the street and poor children in Toul Kork?  What motivates the children and their families?  And what motivates ordinary Khmer people especially the youth?  Each of us have a very different understanding of this because we all come from a different reality, but when the lights are turned down and before we go to sleep we often forget, or sometimes don’t know, what motivates us and gives us that extra drive and spirit to keep going in life despite the hardships.  I have to say that some of the most motivated and spirit driven people are those who also came from the same hardships in life like that of my friend on Facebook.


I wanted to explore this question with my friend and with you all because the scary part of leaving my job is not knowing what’s around the corner?  And if I feel uncertain and vulnerable about this just imagine the struggles the children and the poor endure!  But it’s about finding yourself again in whatever dream and plan you have for yourself.  My friend has seen and endured much in life.  Yet he is motivated by a bigger dream throughout all the struggles he and the children have seen.  Why then can’t we have that same motivation?  I was a little sad the day I chatted to him because of my own personal struggles and realising that there is no turning back after resigning from my work.  I left my job, my future is uncertain, and yet somewhere deep in my heart and brain there is an explosion of ideas, passion, hope and love that motivates me.  I know that I can find hope, confidence and meaning again in my future no matter how vague that seems at this moment, but my friends testimony in what he does for the children and what motivates him inspires me to keep striving for the best we can be and not give up in life.

My Khmer family motivates me!  My family back home in New Zealand motivates me.  My faith, my love for someone very special to me here in Cambodia motivates me.  To see a friend on Facebook bring people together to find money, and other resources for the children motivates me!  If they can work through their struggles we all can.  Thank you for inspiring us Daved Pin (aka Dicer) for lifting my spirits that day.  Thank you for the inspiration you have shown to me and to those of us who know you.  You are a true angel and father for the children.  Thank you for blessing us with your inspiration and motivation to strive for a better life out of poverty and hardships.  There are so many people like you out there who don’t often get seen so this blog is for you and the children.

helpDaved Pin (AKA Dicer) needs your help and support.  He is looking for financial support, and resources to provide for the children: clothing, books, pens, pencils, bags, shoes etc.  Also he provides meals for the children so your donation, voluntary support, monetary support or whatever you can give is much appreciated.  Just leave a message to me on this blog reply, or leave a message on my About Page.  You can contact me at 098491213 or email at paddy2noble@gmail.com.





  1. hinu says:

    `Loved reading this Paddy. Well written, thought provoking piece.


    1. Paddy Noble says:

      Thank you Hinu. Daved or Dicer is a good friend. He inspires me a lot especially with what he does and who he is. He was so happy to have me write this for him and the children. Anyway watch my blog there is more to come.


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