Maori & Khmer

A Maori flax panel depicting the ‘ara poutama’ or stair way to heaven.

What is Maori & Khmer?  I’ve lived in Cambodia long enough for me to take part in  traditional practices that involve deep spiritual elements of daily life i.e praying and giving thanks to  local deities around the house, interpreting dreams of significant meaning, dealing with death and the after world, stories pertaining to nature and awareness of the environment, sorcery, magic, divination, and many more.

Pheak and his Grandmother during the Phechum Bun Season. Giving thanks and offerings to his Grandmother

After much thought and discussion with a friend we felt it was important for us to feature this as a important part of this blog. Therefore I have invited Mr. Try Sopheak (Pheak) to help me with some of the stories he knows and experienced as a young Khmer man so that I can write about them in this blog.

Both Pheak and I often talk about the meanings of our different traditions, he being Khmer and me being Maori.  We often see that there are some similarities with the traditions but there are also some big differences.  He suggested that I write about this and with his help we can look at some of the Khmer stories that he and many other Khmer people are proud to share.  It is our hope that this will inspire others to share their stories and also look at cross cultural and interfaith exchanges for young people to experience and learn from here in Cambodia and also in Aotearoa New Zealand.

The power of stories from our traditions are important and we see that this will be a good platform for us to generate ideas and further discussions.  Thank you Pheak! and please enjoy the stories.  Click on the links below to take you to the stories:



Share Your Stories

Stories are powerful.  They help us learn a lot about others and about ourselves.  Everyone has a story to tell.  We want to invite you to share your story with us and submit it to our blog page so that we can reivew it and put it up on this blog page with your consent of course. Just submit them in the form box below.

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[Disclaimer:  We would like to inform our readers that we are not anthropologist or any other religious authority on the subject of Maori and Khmer traditions, culture and spirituality.  We are  illustrating our own observations and experiences on this subject because we have seen similarities as well as big differences between our own identities and so we wanted to write about it in our blog.]