A Poem For Bong

Arguments about whose land is this
My home and yours what the fuck
Chickens and children biting each other
Angry neighbours a broken heart
Over some stupid wood
Why don’t we talk and sort it all out
But only the anger lights the fire
Tears are streaming breaking us up
Is it beer that brings us together?
Pechum Bun or something like Happy New Year
Only to be broken by some pile of wood
When all we need is to talk to each other
A question a smile a genuine heart
Jealous or not do we love each other
Or cutting us off so we can’t walk to our home
What mindless problem when there’s bigger things
A family trying to understand
We all deserve better don’t you think
A crying mother who can’t sleep at night
We don’t need this stress we are better than this
Over some stupid wood that drove us apart
When all we need is an open heart
Meek and mild and reach out your hand
And meditate on what the Buddha says
Peace and compassion will guide the way
Anger and hate is not the way
My home is yours to welcome you here
To comfort and help and not despair
You are my brother, my sister, and friend
Please let this anger finish and end…..

Please let this anger finish and end…..



3 Comments Add yours

  1. Bruce Van Voorhis says:

    Great poem, Paddy! I like your poetic style?


    1. Paddy Noble says:

      Thank you Bruce. This poem was inspired by someone close to me. Their family had been part of a conflict over wood which turned into a land dispute. It’s not entirely sorted but old issues started to arise. So I wrote a poem for them. If they could put their energy into a better conversation rather than getting all upset over something that can easily be discussed and sorted.


    2. Paddy Noble says:

      Also another thing Bruce, please subscribe to my blog at the botton on the left just enter your email and push follow.


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