All I want Is You

All I want is you
But I want you to want me too
What use is it if you don’t love me
I’m sorry that I push you I don’t mean to
My long text message
Leaving words of love
Days are too long nights too short
My body sweats in all emotion
And look at the moon
I’m confused
What does this mean
Messing with my head
Feeling all this dread
Like heaven and earth
Like some heavenly angel
To have you near me
Will set me on fire
I don’t know what to do
But I am sure
That spring in my soul
Making me whole
I promise you so many things
I’m scared as hell
Shit and fuck all the time
But I know I love you
I hope you love me
But go in your time that’s all I ask
In your nature is what I want
I run too fast
And fly too high
I hope you know
what I mean
You are my friend, my brother, my lover
But most of all you are my soul
Burning and yearning to feel your touch
To hold me close and kiss you much
And tell you I love you that’s all I want



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