Hope for Oun

Oun deep down something inside
That gives you strength to go on
To put up your guard and carry on
No matter what problems that comes before

That smile that shines up my day
Hoping for something better to come
You’ll find it again I know you will
That hope that lies deep within
Like breathing in and breathing out
Enlightened will come very soon

Under the moon and stars at night
You look up to the heavens and shout it loud
And say to yourself ‘I know I can..’
And pull up my pride and carry on

Oun don’t cry
Wipe your tears
Another day will come again
As best as I know you’ll find your hope
This day is yours and no one else
To soar up into the sky
And find what it is you are looking for

If there is hope you’ll find it Oun
To hold your hand
And walk with you
No matter what the pain might be

Only love Oun can save the day
Can help you find your own pathway
To seek that hope
You are longing for
Like visions of gold
by your side

I know how it feels
To lose your hope
On solid ground
To look for love
So keep your Hope
Hold your Faith
And learn to Love
All over again

Like the churning of the sea
You will rise again my friend….

A poem for a man I’ve just come to know Mr.  Suem Sokhea….


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