I Am Nothing

Maybe I’m not what you want but I’m here all the same
Pouring my heart out only to have it kicked and beaten to the ground
Going back for more is this what love is?
I hate waiting, wondering, pondering, thinking what will happen next
But like a sad old record playing over again
Telling me its broken hearted story
Don’t you see there are other things in this world?
The what if’s?  Should have been? Is this all gone?
Remember our passionate kiss all abound?
One day you’ll regret letting me go
Until the sun reveals what you and I had
Out into the wind can we start over again?
Will it change or will you treat me like nothing all the same?
A second hand rag doll kicked to the side
We are certainly worlds apart
And yet here we are unsure what the hell is going on
Until you come and tell me your sadistic excuse
And it’s back to the same abuse that I get
Kicking me aside to fill your own pleasure
Making me feel like shit once again
You certainly don’t know how to treat a friend
Then what makes you think that this is love
When the song plays over in my head
Filling me up with pain and dread
I wish it didn’t have to be like this
when feelings are hurt by a deadly kiss
Tears streaming down my face
You might think its funny but who is laughing
When it feels like I am nothing to you….


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Laela says:

    Start from The tittle makes me curious what inside. And it’s really good meaningful, reflected. I like the way you describe feeling very beautiful


    1. Paddy Noble says:

      Thank you Laela, your my number 1 fan. Please subscribe to my blog. Thank you for your feed back. It was something I was feeling quite strong about. I’m trying to build up my blog also and try and get more people to subscribe and follow my blog.


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