No Regrets

Singing songs in my head like we used to

In the letter you wrote to me

To say what I really feel

As I kiss your beautiful lips

Soft tissue mounting like the purest cotton ball

I don’t want to fight for what’s not there anymore

Yet deep down I’m living in denial

Falling in love was I really wrong

But that song still sits in my head

Soft romantic in distant shadows

Breathing in my last breath

before we say goodbye

Or is this hello

I will never know

My mind has gone crazy

And I all I do is sit and wonder

I’m not a cliché my good ole  friend

Just trying to be  as honest as I can

You deserve that

But I remember everything like it was today

Hoping for a better life and this is what we found

A road block and I can’t stop

Turning around again in this shadow of mine

Slow and soft I hold your hand

And tell you what it is I feel

It doesn’t stop inside my head

The same words you say it again

Oozing out of all the pain

Sweat and tears a snotty nose

I’d take it all back again

Not regret what you did for me

Not forget who you are to me….





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