Silence Is Golden

But there you are in the soul of my heart

Black and blue fucken beautiful

Standing there reaching out your hand

Silence is golden and pure and soft

And tears are streaming down my face

You don’t see what I see you couldn’t understand

Walking the plank and watch me drown

They’re laughing at me and couldn’t give a shit

Like Peter and Jesus living in denial

We’re not too different you and I

There is always a sacrificial lamb

I’m the one who bares it all

A losing battle in the fight

To be called a dog and you did nothing

It’s not my fault we fell in love

Fuck I don’t

regret it at all

So why do I feel like shit all over

Rotting in stench and kicked to the ground

And all I am is just a joke

Silence is golden that’s what I see

That’s the sad part you don’t see

But I still love you a slave to the grid

For rich or  poor this is how we are

I wish you could wear the ring I have

And tell me you love me for eternity

I’m told not to get my hopes up high

To admit defeat I’d be better off

We’re supposed to be close you and I

It feels like mountains that sets us apart

But like some sadistic going back for more

I’m just so angry not even a call

You look at me and then go away

And think things will still be the same?

But when my anger dissipates

The storm calms the tears have stopped

I want to hold you next to me

And tell you I love you like never before…..


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